The Flexi Cleansing Tool takes your at home cleansing routine to the next level! 

The innovative tool uses gentle, silicone bristles that follow the contours of your face and are designed to reach deep into the pores to remove blemish causing impurities such as dirt, oil and make up. This is combined with sonic pulses at high and low frequencies to simultaneously boost blood circulation and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Cleansing lotions are enhanced by allowing them to penetrate skin at a deeper level, meaning that clear, glowing skin can be achieved after daily use. 

Flexi Skin London - The Cleanser

    • Apply your favourite cleanser.

    • Wet the Cleansing Tool and press the power button, adjusting the speed until it feels comfortable.

    • Move the tool in circular motions over the skin for one minute. Use the reverse and tip of the tool over the T-Zone area, where pores are larger. 

    • Wash off cleanser and pat skin dry. Lightly wash excess product and dirt off the cleansing tool